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    Welcome to Rural Sustainability Research. This is personal website of Dr. KUDO Shogo, Assistant Professor at Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative (GPSS-GLI), The University of Tokyo. This website is to document rural sustainability research and education initiatives.




    "Designing Sustainable Rural Community in the Era of Shrinking and Aging Society"

    Japan is experiencing two major demographic changes namely population decline and aging. Rural communities are facing various challenges related to access to services, resource management, transportation, and many others. My main research interest is to design a sustainable community under the shrinking and aging population in rural Japan. My research scope includes the anticipated aging society in Asia.





    Ongoing projects / 進行中の研究プロジェクト

    AkitaAgeLabo / アキタエイジラボ


    AkitaAgeLabo is a platform project to develop local initiatives targeting aging society challenges in Akita Prefecture. By this platform, we explore the future figure of regional society and rural communities which are experiencing rapid aging and depopulation. Our core interest through this project is to envision and design a sustainable rural community in the time of aging and shrinking society. In 2016, we implemented a summer training program for Vietnamese university students about rural challenges in aging society, and well-being survey to local residents in several municipalities in Akita. Official website of Akita Age Lab

    秋田県をフィールドとした縮小・高齢化社会時代における持続可能な地方社会、農山村地域でのコミュニティのあり方に関するプラットフォーム・プロジェクト。同テーマに関して様々な主体によって実施されているプロジェクトをつなぐ役割をになう。同時にプロジェクト主体としての研究プロジェクトも行う。2016年は、ベトナム大学生向けの高齢社会における課題を学ぶためのサマースクール、過疎高齢化が進行する自治体におけるウェルビーイングに関する調査を予定。Akita Age Labウェブサイトはこちらです。

    Rural sustainability and photography as research method / 農山村のサステイナビリティとフォトグラフ


    Photography is considered as one of the effective methods to describe one's perspective to a subject. This project is aiming to apply photography as a methodology of local residents to express their thoughts and feelings about future figure of their communities in 10~20 years time. We are planning a workshop for local high school students in this summer.


    Evaluation of Regional Revitalization Initiatives / 地域おこしの評価方法に関する研究


    In recent years, "Chiiki okoshi" or "chiiki dukuri" have been buzz words in Japan. They both mean "regional revitalisation" in terms of local economy, social activities, and environmental conservation. It is critical to examine the performance of such initiatives both in quantitative and qualitative measures. While quantitative method has been applied already, qualitative method has not yet well adopted. This project explores qualitative methods in evaluating Chiiki okoshi or Chiiki dukuri activities.


    JSPS Research funds / 科研プロジェクト

      Past and current

      • JSPS Kaken Wakate B (2017 April~ ) / 科研費若手B『サステイナビリティ学の教育課題としての高齢社会:演習教育のアクションリサーチ 』
      • JSPS Kaken Start-up (2015 April -2017 March, two years)/科研費スタート支援『農村地域における高齢者の社会的孤立の実態調査を通じた地域おこしの評価に関する研究』 
      • JSPS Post-doctoral fellowship (2014 November, accepted)/日本学術振興会特別研究員(PD採用) 
      • JSPS Young Scientist Fellowship (2013 April – 2015 March)/日本学術振興会特別研究員『高齢社会における持続可能な都市と地方の関係性の構築』


      KUDO, Shogo / 工藤 尚悟

      Ph.D. in Sustainability Science / サステイナビリティ学博士

      • Assistant Professor at Graduate Program in Sustainability Science – Global Leadership Initiative (GPSS-GLI), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS), The University of Tokyo/東京大学新領域創成科学研究科サステイナビリティ学グローバルリーダー養成大学院プログラム助教
      • Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration, Akita International University/国際教養大学アジア地域研究機構連携研究員


      Sustainability Science / サステイナビリティ学

      • Liberal Arts, Akita International University/国際教養大学 (教養学部)
      • International Studies, Korea University (exchange)/高麗大学 (交換留学)
      • MA. in Sustainability Science, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo/東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科サステイナビリティ学教育プログラム修士課程修了(サステイナビリティ学)
      • JSPS Young Research Fellow (D2)/日本学術振興会特別研究員 (D2)
      • Ph.D. in Sustainability Science, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science – Global Leadership Initiative, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo/東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科サステイナビリティ学グローバルリーダー養成大学院プログラム博士課程修了(サステイナビリティ学)

      Academic work / 研究業績

      Articles, book chapters, proceedings/論文


      Academic Presentations

      Conference & symposium presentations/口頭発表

      • Shogo Kudo, "Nurturing Active Mindset among the Local Youth for Rural Sustainability: A New Role of Local Schools in Aging and Shrinking Society", the 12th Conference of the Japan Society for Global System and Ethics - A World of Sustainability, 11th, November, 2016, Reitaku University, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
      • Shogo Kudo, Doreen Ingosan"Review of Population Aging Challenges in Asia: the Emerging Research Agenda for Sustainable Development", the 13th Asia Pacific Conference - Societal Transformation in Asia Pacific: Charting the Waves of Change, 7-8th, November, 2015, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Oita, Japan
      • Shogo Kudo, “The Impact of Population Aging to the Collective Actions of Residents in Rural Communities: A Case Study of Kamikoani Village, Akita Prefecture, Japan”, the 8th International Conference on Cultural Gerontology, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland, 10-12th, April, 2014
      • Shogo Kudo, Victor Tumilba, Masafumi Nagao, “Analysis of sub-urban farm operations with the application of multifunctionality of agriculture and rural systems: a case of two local farmers in Kashiwa, Japan”, Sustainability Conference 2013, Massey University, New Zealand, 14th, November, 2013
      • Shogo Kudo, “Sustainable Management of Rural Areas in the era of Aging Societies: Application of Rural Transition and Community-based Initiatives in Akita, Japan”, PhD Colloquial, Sustainability Conference 2013, Massey University, New Zealand, 13th November 2013
      • Shogo Kudo, “Sustainable Management of Rural Areas in the era of Aging Societies: A Comparative Study of Community Regeneration Initiatives in Japan and the UK” the 4th International Conference on Sustainability Science, Aix Marseille Universite, France, Sep. 16-17th, 2013
      • Shogo Kudo, Masaru Yarime, “Sustainability in Marginalization Process of Rural Communities: Implications for Managing Aging Societies,” International Conference on Sustainability Science, Arizona State University, Feb., 2012.
      • Victor Tumilba, Shogo Kudo, Masaru Yarime, “Review and assessment of academic activities, student competencies, research themes and practice of sustainability principles in the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science”, the 19th International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 1-3rd, July, 2011

      Other academic works


      • 工藤尚悟『平成27年度美郷町生活環境アンケート調査報告書』,美郷町保健福祉課
      • 工藤尚悟『グローバルフィールド演習秋田ユニット報告書』,五城目町まちづくり課,(東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科サステイナビリティ学グローバルリーダー養成大学院プログラムが秋田県五城目町において実施したフィールド演習期間中に行った現地調査に関する報告書)
      • 工藤尚悟 『平成25年度上小阿仁村集落調査~生活環境アンケート調査~』,上小阿仁村役場総務課,(村内の全20集落における悉皆調査を共同で実施.調査票,および報告書の作成を担当.)
      • 工藤尚悟 『平成25年度上小阿仁村集落調査~地域代表者への聞き取り調査~』,上小阿仁村役場総務課,(生活環境・集落行事等について聞き取り調査を実施.現地調査,および報告書を担当.
      • 工藤尚悟,『「生活環境アンケート調査」の統計手法を用いた分析結果に関する報告書』,上小阿仁村総務課,2015年3月
      • 工藤尚悟、『由利本荘市小規模集落調査~農村集落における住民視点からの生活実態調査~』,由利本荘市農林水産部農業振興課元気集落支援班,工藤尚悟(兼任型集落支援員,現地調査および報告書作成を担当)

      Teaching and outreach

      Teaching and guest lectures/教育・招待講義

      • Shogo Kudo, “Introduction to Social Surveys: Qualitative Research Methods” in Concept and Methodologies in Sustainability Science, Spring semester 2016, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS), The University of Tokyo
      • Shogo Kudo, Masafumi Nagao, Izumi Ikeda, Global Field Exercise “Rural Sustainability in Ageing Societies” Akita unit (2016 January 23-30), GPSS-GLI, The University of Tokyo.
      • Shogo Kudo, “Frameworks in Sustainability Science: Multifunctionality Framework” in Advanced Concept and Methodologies in Sustainability Science, Winter semester of 2015, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science, The University of Tokyo
      • Shogo Kudo, “Rural Sustainability in the Era of Ageing Societies” in Negotiation course, Winter semester of 2015, GPSS-GLI, The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa campus.(Guest lecture)
      • Shogo Kudo, “Rural Sustainability in the Era of Ageing Societies” in Environmental Science, Winter semester of 2015, Akita International University.(Guest lecture)
      • Shogo Kudo, “Introduction to Sustainability Science” in Global Environmental Studies, Winter semester of 2015, Akita International University.(Guest lecture)
      • 工藤尚悟, “Sustainable Management of Rural Areas in the era of Population Aging: Possible Impacts of Renewable Energy Projects to Local Communities (Case of Japan)”, 自然電力,東京,2014年2月3
      • Shogo Kudo, “Challenge of Population Ageing in rural Japan”, Lecture to a visiting group from University of Ibadan, GPSS-GLI, the University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, 19th, November, 2014, (Guest lecture)

      Advisory roles

      Adviser /委員・アドバイザー等

      • Tiny Peace Kitchen アカデミック・アドバイザー(2017~) 
      • 大仙市移住定住アクションプラン策定委員会委員(2016~)
      • 上小阿仁村地方総合戦略作成委員(2015~2016)
      • G-Experience ハイブリットスクーリング事業アドバイザー(2016~)
      • ベトナム学生への高齢社会スタディツアー(2016~)

      Academic awards


      • Shogo Kudo, “Sustainability of Rural Areas in the Era of Aging Societies”(博士論文)の研究成果に対して東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科 研究科長賞受賞(学術),2015年3月

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